Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spare Your Blushes

Well we all went a wee bit nuts over the new Mac collection didn't we? Even us brits where Archie comics aren't really a thing. Suckers. Now I know everyone always goes for the lipsticks, but I love the blushers in limited edition collections. I have blushes from the Heatherette collection that I bought in NYC, and an absolutely gorgeous blush from the Liberty London collection (that I bought in Frasers in Glasgow, not the same as NYC but hey ho). As much as I love these blushers, it's the packaging that really stands out for me, and I love having these as compacts in my make up bag - they're just too damn cute. Also there is no expiration date for powders if you look after them, so you can keep them for as long as you wish. Veronica's Blush from the Archie's Girls collection is no exception, but what I think adds to the appeal of this blush is the pink/red hearts which are, bedded into the pink blush - I mean how do they even do that?!! No wait don't tell me - I want to picture Mac Fairies in my head, running about in a magical make up land, sprinkling fairy dust all over the place and creating beautiful products. I am sure the Mac product developers would be overjoyed to hear that. 

Sorry about this photo, it was the best of a bad, bad bunch. (what is my hair doing?!)

So as we have taken care of the packaging, now to the actual blush. It is pretty standard, unfortunately doesn't  paint love hearts on your face - if you really like the look of that you have to do it yourself ;). It is a really pretty pinky colour when it's on, it almost has a kind of bluey tint to it, and a beautiful shimmer. I think this will be really lovely for spring, it is quite subtle, natural and fresh. Can we have some spring like weather now please?

What did you think of the Archie's Girls collection? What do you think of the Mac limited editions in general, do you get frustrated if you fall in love with a product and then can't buy it again? Do you love the packaging as much as I do?

Heather xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hot Hot Heat

Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume (£5.99, Boots)

I am going to be honest, I'm not really one for heat protection sprays. I don't straighten or curl my hair very often, and I prefer to wait for my hair to dry naturally, and then give it a wee blast dry at the end, otherwise my hair can look a bit lank. I hadn't really given heat protection sprays much though, as my hair never seems damaged, no matter how horrible I am to it. Not showing off, it's just the way it is, believe me - it lets me down in others ways. This heat protection spray was brought to my attention due to a rather -you will see this on tv, and in every magazine you buy until you buy this - campaign from L'Oreal featuring our wee Chezza. Let's face it - that's enough for most of us to pick up a L'Oreal product. I am already a fan of their hairsprays (who isn't), so I was very excited to try this. There are three different sprays in the collection, one for curls, one for straightening and one for volume. If you have read my blog before you know that I am always on the search for anything to add volume to my hair. I really, really, really, really like this. It works so well, as it is a heat protector it doesn't dry your hair out as other volume boosting products. It holds your style really well, you can feel it gripping your hair - like a hairspray. I bought this quite a while ago, and I still have quite a bit left. I also like that it keeps you hair looking fresh, you can leave a day in between washing your hair. All over - I can't compliment this product enough. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Ick Factor

I have been sitting with my laptop on my knee for a while trying to work out how to word this blogpost - without feeling like Dawn Porter talking about wiping bums. I know we all like reading about the latest Mac collections or a new range of Barry M nail varnishes, but sometimes it's good to know what works for the -shall we say - unsightly beauty issues that plague our otherwise perfect looks. Lolzers. 

Right moving on, for the past few months I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, and it has had an affect on my skin. Most notably my scalp. YUK! So even after I have washed my hair my scalp was flaking about all over the shop and made me feel like my hair was still dirty. DOUBLE YUK! After giving Head and Shoulders a go and not noticing a great difference, I decided to look to Lush for a cure after the rip-roaring success of the BIG shampoo

I was right to look to Lush - I have fallen in love with another product of theirs - Superbalm (£12.00, from Lush). On the website they say that this is a treatment you should use to remove product build up. For me the main benefit of this product is soothing an itchy scalp, and removing those double yuk flakes. It has a lovely lavender smell, which is nice and relaxing. It starts off as a balm, and then melts into an oil, which you then massage into your scalp - this can be a bit tricky, especially if you have long hair like me. I usually end up sectioning my hair to make sure the product goes on my scalp rather than my hair. My hair is fine, and if this isn't washed out properly then it can weight it down. It's always good to give your hair a few shampoos after you use this, but I find that the BIG shampoo takes any greasiness out of my hair. I use this once a week, and I am really pleased with the results.

Heather xxx

Glasgow Haul

I forgot to post this video when I made it the other week. Enjoy! :)