Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Old things!

This walk,
Always the same.
Struggling on since you left,
with the impression you weren't coming back,
Like you'd done a couple of times before.

So I'm still walking,
Still missing you,
and for the first time feeling truly lonely,
but i've heard you've never ventured to try it.

The buildings are transparent,
I feel like I'm floating between them.
Nothing is real.
This isn't where I'm meant to be.

In this city everything is so tainted,
Rough edges over smooth lines.
Nothing has a meaning.
I've only got your songs in my head.
I'd be even more alone if they weren't here.

Somewhere along the way,
I take a wrong turn.
A new way I've never seen before.
I'm looking at the ground.
Always do.
Can't handle seeing you.
Lumps of chewing gum cover the road.
Then I see something that makes me smile,
they're shaped like a love heart.