Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I Went From Zero To My Own Hero

And I'm back.... talk about your sporadic blogging. Sorry. All I wish to say is that I have been super busy, getting back into life again. There have been some big changes. I have started driving again, which is something I hadn't done for ages as I was scared about having a panic attack while driving. That feels like another life time ago now that I am back driving, I don't think about it. I'm just doing small local journeys just now, but I'll just keep on building on this, going longer and further drives until I get my confidence back completely.

I have also started eating meat again, after being a veggie for almost 10 years. For the first few days I tried fish, which I loved, and then went onto a big ole steak at the end of the week. It feels so weird to eat meat again, I think I feel better for it. That's just a personal thing, and I think when yo've had ill health you'll try anything to get better. Such as changing your diet - I don't think my veggie diet was that great, so hopefully my diet will be better now. It is also so nice to eat the same food as everyone else, and not feel like a fussy child when I'm at a restaurant. IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL EATING ESTABLISHMENTS- not all vegetarians like mushrooms and/or goat's cheese, it might be better to fire in some stuffed peppers or something like that to the mix. Rant over. Phew.

As you can see from the photos I have also gone back to a bit of the old dip dye. Which again feels pretty good. I'm actually starting to care about how I look again. It wasn't too great when I went through the phase of wearing the same thing all the time, and not bothering with make up. So not me when I'm feeling 100%. I love make up too much!!

What else? I have gone back to singing lessons. I used to go to singing lessons when I was a teenager, but never really spent a lot of time performing. Now I'm well again, I want to get into performing and song writing. All things that fell onto the back burner when I wasn't well.

My Mum and Dad were on holiday at the start of August. They spent time at the boat, and I went along too. It was lovely, and the weather was pretty good. Not as nice as it had been a few weeks before, but that suited me fine as I don't think I could cope with sunburn again - I know I know, SPF is my friend. I just never get to see the sun so I forgot what kind of damage it would do.

Yeah I know the sunburn looks amazing - at least it matches my Ray Bans. And the wee sleepy pup on my lap is Sophie, she's 13, which is pretty old for a cocker spaniel, but she'll always be a puppy in my eyes. Barf- that was a bit soppy but I do love my wee dug.

There are also a few other things that are in motion just now, hopefully I'll be able to talk about them soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading,

Heather xxx