Friday, 6 November 2009

That Friday Feeling

I've got a kind of feeling of unease just now. I just finished watching Factory Girl, I feel like I need some kind of artistic blow out now, I might need to get the chalks out and do some kinda abstract something. In my head right now I'm seeing precise circles, over lapping, in orange, red, yellow and pink.

Also feel I had some really good lyrics in my head last night, just when I was falling asleep, but they just clean vanished out of my head!! I can't even remember the general mood or theme to work with!!

Anyway, I shall leave this post with some Edie


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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Bohemian Birthday!!

It's my birthday on 16th of November and as promised here is my look book!!!

We're going to eat yummy cake!!

There are going to be lots of pretty things!!

The inspiration comes from these people!!


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Old things!

This walk,
Always the same.
Struggling on since you left,
with the impression you weren't coming back,
Like you'd done a couple of times before.

So I'm still walking,
Still missing you,
and for the first time feeling truly lonely,
but i've heard you've never ventured to try it.

The buildings are transparent,
I feel like I'm floating between them.
Nothing is real.
This isn't where I'm meant to be.

In this city everything is so tainted,
Rough edges over smooth lines.
Nothing has a meaning.
I've only got your songs in my head.
I'd be even more alone if they weren't here.

Somewhere along the way,
I take a wrong turn.
A new way I've never seen before.
I'm looking at the ground.
Always do.
Can't handle seeing you.
Lumps of chewing gum cover the road.
Then I see something that makes me smile,
they're shaped like a love heart.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Stuff I'm working on...or something like that.....

Some bits and pieces and I still haven't really decided what I'm going to do with!

Setting myself up for the test
All the while knowing 
I'll never be the best.

Lying on your back,
My legs either side.
Looking into your eyes,
open wide.
I'm never as good as the last.

I had forgotten I'd written that, and came across it today while I was on the train!! I really should finish it off, make something of it, or it'll just end up like all my other half finished pieces of whatever this is!!!

Why can't you see that it's you I want.
Or that I think I want.
I can never trust myself about this.
I have been wrong about this feeling in the past.
I have been wrong about others.

Yes, and there have been others,
of this you are more than aware.
And you make sure I am aware.

The one before you,
well he wanted to see me tonight.
I hid away. 
From his messages and calls.
I thought I was waiting for you.

But here I am,
lying in my bed alone.
With hope you'll still turn up.
What happens if you do?
What happens if you don't?

I had started to feel that we had moved past this,
but we never really do.
Sometimes you need me more than anyone.
But there is always the doubt.
Something niggling in the pit of my stomach.
If you were where I am tonight,
how can I be sure,
you wouldn't hide from me?

There is an empty glass by my bed,
the ashtray is full.

I've been bitten....

by a spider!!

God bless the Howling Bells!! One of the best bands around!!! I love them!!!



Juantia is an amazing front woman, and has GREAT style!!!!


Also here is a slightly embarrassing photo of Morgan and myself at their gig in Glasgow in March!


Sunday, 24 May 2009

I know what you did last summer

I LOVE scary movies. There is nothing better than sitting in your living room, wrapped up in a blanket, eating popcorn, being scared to death by a brilliant scary movie. I have got together a small (very small) collection of posters, that in some case may be better than the films, although I do love them all!!!



And although I am totally going to be judged for this, I think House Of Wax is a classic film. Seriously! And I have this poster, which was a present from my new flatmate, but I am not putting it up on my wall until I have a frame for it!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

I'm a penny in a diamond mine

I really love Alison Mosshart in this video. She is totally into the performance, and is having a great time!! This is what makes live music for me!!!

I also found a few pictures when I was having a look about google today, she is making me want to dye my hair black, and get a fringe cut in. But seeing as I'll most likely change my mind in a few weeks, I best not put an appointment on with my hairdresser!!



I've decided to get involved

After having spent much time looking over many other people's blogs and feeling a little bit more than inspired, so this is my small space for all things that interest me. I want to try and create something that I can keep track of what is going through my mind at present. 

Create something every day, even if it is just for yourself.